pls provides many features over classic ls command, and even its various replacements over the years.

  • pls shows pretty and useful icons next to file and folder names.

  • pls extensively uses colors in the interface for both node names and metadata.

  • pls classifies files by importance and highlights or subdues their appearance accordingly.

  • pls can filter nodes in or out, by their types and by regex comparisons of their names.

  • pls can sort files using 10 different attributes, in both directions, including the option of showing directories first.

  • pls has a details view that can list 12 additional fields along with the node name, including a developer favourite Git status.

  • pls can collapse or hide autogenerated files behind their handwritten counterparts to reduce clutter.

  • pls uses suffixes to depict the type of the node such as / for directories and | for FIFO pipes.

  • pls allows you to customise and modify every single feature listed above using straightforward config files.

We're also working on a number of enhancements and new features. So stay tuned!