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pls is a prettier and powerful ls for the pros.

$ pipx install pls

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pls lists the contents of your directories but formats the output to be prettier and easier to interpret and understand. It includes a number of developer-friendly features that other tools targeting a wider audience do not have.

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Every feature in pls is designed to around the needs of developers and professionals.


pls is built for modern dev workflows involving lots of scaffolding and config files.


Other tools match only file types or extensions. pls uses a nuanced, cascading match algorithm.


Hand picked icon codepoints for various file types, puts the entire Nerd Font library at your fingertips.


pls is written in Python, so it runs everywhere, can be understood easily and still runs fast with parallelization.


Placing a .pls.yml file in the repo root enables you to tweak almost every functionality of the app.

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